June at the JM Wellbeing Day Clinic detects all Vitamin b12, d, c loss and mineral deficiency symptoms and levels.

Mineral levels are the very foundation of health and form a strong base to assist absorption of vitamins. Vitamin B Complex, B12, D, & Vitamin C loss are a symptom of mineral deficiency.  Vitamins on their own are not enough and all need the assimilation of minerals to be absorbed. The body cannot manufacture a single mineral.

With Vitamin and Mineral deficiency testing and skilled observation of the relevant symptoms, by qualified Naturopathic Doctor, June Mayhead, at the JM Wellbeing Day Clinic, nutrients can be re-introduced before ill health takes its grip on the body. As a teenager I was a tubby girl. I became very ill with two consecutive bouts of glandular fever a month apart and lost 28 pounds or 12 kilos. I looked ill compared to the tubby teenager I was. My Mother took me to a Naturopathic Doctor. It was my first experience of natural health and wellness, and vitamin mineral deficiency symptom testing. Due to a complete revision of my diet with more fruit, vegetables and whole grains and lean protein with several vitamin and mineral supplements, my health rapidly improved, not to mention my energy, focus and my concentration, as did my school results. My wellness returned and remained. Contact June now to get well for life.