Napier Reflexologist and Naturopathic Doctor, June Mayhead uses reflexology to find specific internal organ problems you have.

Ever heard the expression: "My feet are killing me!"?

Well, after a reflexology treatment your feet will feel like they are walking on a cloud. Yet in the process your circulation has been improved to every organ of the body. Blood is tonified and oxygenated, pumping more freely to vital organs. Areas of the body that are so painful the person cannot bear to be touched gradually become pain free.

Reflexology dates back to before Christ. Its origins go back to ancient Egypt. Ancient hieroglyphics of a physician's tomb translate to read: "Don't hurt me." says the patient. "I shall act so you praise me." is the practitioners reply. Contact June now to return to health through reflexology.

Napier Reflexologist, June Mayhead uses reflexology to relieve stress and pain. This ancient but time honoured healing method improves blood supply to every organ of the body and promotes unblocking of nerve impulses. June uses reflexology to nurture any underactive areas of your body. If overactive, reflexology will normalize. All guests of the JM Wellbeing centre receive a daily session with your dedicated reflexologist for balance and optimum wellness.