Naturopathic Doctor, June Mayhead uses the Iridology Eye Exam as preparation for your return to wellness

Your eyes have been described as the ‘windows to the soul’ June, qualified and experienced Napier iridologist, prefers to describe them as screens for your computer (your brain).

Your eyes function as a health warning system to the trained, discerning eye. When viewed by a qualified Iridologist the eyes reveal discolorations, markings and tissue changes that are occurring inside the body and these are mapped out in the eyes.

Iridology is a wonderful preventative and complimentary mode of analysis and can alert the trained eye to possible health challenges ahead unless remedial measures are taken. June's skills as an Iridologist will guide you onto a path to wellness during your healing and relaxing stay in the opulent JM Wellbeing Art Deco Apartment.

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