welcome to JMW

Discover Natural Healing at the New Zealand & Napier Health Spa with June Mayhead, qualified Naturopathic Doctor

Welcome to the JM Wellbeing Health Spa, where a warm welcome and familiarisation of the facilities awaits you. New Zealand's climate and life style is world famous for its health benefits. And here in Napier the air is crisp and clean and the sun shines for nine months of the year.

June's lenghty experience with natural healing spans 20 years of professional experience. She graduated the Queensland Institute of Natural Science, Australia and her career as a naturopathic doctor now moves to the next level, offering the Napier Live-In Visit Health Spa and healing visit where you will re-discover the path to your own natural wellness.

June will have you comfortably checked in to the “Art Deco Apartment” and will make an appointment for your ‘Initial Assessment' during which any weariness from your travels will be a distant memory as the therapeautic treatment of Reflexology transports you to a wonderful feeling of relaxation that you may not have experienced for some time. Welcome, you are here at last!