The JM Wellbeing Healing Spa is a respected venue for Hawkes Bay Reflexology, Remedial Massage and Skin Treatment

An important part of your daily programme at the Napier Health Spa will be to receive daily relaxation therapy and treatments. These will include massage, reflexology, skin treatments and rest.


Reflexology is wonderful to reduce stress, tension and revitalise energy as there is a reflex point for every organ and system of the body on the feet. By gently massaging the feet in a certain way all organs and systems are tonified and revitalised.

Redmedial massage

This is a very therapeutic treatment and you will feel as if you are floating on a cloud as all the stress and tension within the muscles is released and deep relaxation is achieved.

Skin Treatments

The skin is the largest organ of the body and is often in need of cleansing and nutrition. All of the products used in the Healing Spa for the skin are plant based and natural, with no preservatives or propylene gycol. Rest is an essential part of rejuvenation and healing. Daily rest is an important part of the programme to maximise the healing spa experience. Health is Wealth. Contact June now for your Healing Spa rejuvenating experience.