Health monitoring with your new life skills are how you will achieve
future optimum wellness.

After your stay at the JM Wellbeing Health Spa under Naturopathic Doctor, June Mayhead's guidance, you will be empowered with a new understanding. How to listen to your body and find your own optimum wellness by learning your body's self-healing powers.

After the mentally and physically renewing benefits and spirit calming experience of Iridology, Reflexology, June's skilled advise on diet, nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplements tailored to you specific needs, juice cleansing, and June's professional healing perception, you will leave the JM Wellbeing Health Spa with new ears. Ears that can truly listen to your body and what it needs to be well in the form of health monitoring.

The new life health skills you will learn are a drug-free, you-centred learning that June will pass on to you naturally in every sense of the word. After your stay, through regular health monitoring, you will learn to listen to your body with your new ears. You will find the path to optimum wellness for life as your own doctor. You will know with a new confidence and a new wellbeing that health is truly wealth! Contact June now to get well for life.