The health benefits of fruit and vegetable juices are a key element of a
healing visit to the JM Wellbeing Health Spa

Juices are powerhouses of concentrated vitamins and minerals. All juices in the Healing Spa are made fresh daily and combinations of juices are designed specifically for your needs. The health benefits of fruit juices when effectively combined to suit your individual health requirements, established during your initial assessment, can speed your return to optimum health.

At the JM Wellbeing Health Spa you will experience what great rejuvenators fresh daily juices are. With doses of concentrated vitamins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes, designed to restore health and wellbeing, you will feel a daily improvement in your quality of health in both body and mind. No digestion is required by the body in the assimilation of the nutritious juices. The concentrated health benefits of natural, fresh fruit and vegetable juices are quickly assimilated straight into the bloodstream. This allows the healing within your body to begin. Mineral imbalances are one of the major causes of diminished nutrition to the cells which leads to premature ageing and potential disease. With the healing help of juices, your stay at the JM Wellbeing Health Spa will redress this imbalance. Contact June now.