Initial assessment at the JM Wellbeing Napier Health Spa with Naturopathic Doctor, June Mayhead.

Shortly after your arrival your initial assessment with June will involve Iridology and relaxing Reflexology, a therapy that goes back before Christ, when the ancient Egyptians' tombs were decorated with paintings of the Pharoahs receiving this therepeautic treatment.

June, professionally trained and experienced Napier Reflexologist, uses the modern Byers approach to Reflexology. Dwight Byers' method evolved from his Aunt Eunice Ingham, the 21st century’s master of Reflexology. Ms Ingham travelled the world lecturing and teaching Reflexology well into her eighties. Iridologist, June Mayhead also uses your eyes to assess your existing wellbeing and any organ deterioration. After initial assessment, June will discuss these with you. Then appropriate therapeutic juices for your five day cleanse will be assessed and a format created according to your needs.

Contact June now for your initial assessment.