The pretty hillside location of the JM Wellbeing Napier Health Spa is an attractive spot for exercise while you learn to get well for life during your five day healing visit.

Some types of exercise suit you better than others. Diet excercise helps the body and the mind while fat excercise is limited to physical fitness only. Are you complimenting your fitness with a programme that benefits your body type? Or are you expending a maximum effort for a minimal return, such as physical fitness only? A five day healing visit to the Napier Health Spa will enlighten you more to the health benefits of all-round excercise. Not just fat excercise to reduce the waistline but all-round excercise for mind, body and spirit.

During your stay at the JM Wellbeing Health Spa, June will make recommendations to optimise your current diet exercise programme. If you do not have an exercise programme, June will design one for you that is within your capabilities. One that will give you maximum fitness for your investment of energy and time. One that optimises wellbeing for life.

Contact June now to learn more about health and wellness for life.