Heard the phrase "cleansing waters"? Drinking distilled water at the Napier Health Spa will help renew your health and wellbeing.

During your healing stay in the opulent JM Wellbeing Art Deco Apartment, June will share one of the worlds greatest cleansing secrets with you. The secret of the purest form of water and its huge contribution towards cleansing and healing the body. Like most of the natural healing, beautiful things for the body, it is very simple - drinking distilled water. A vital and important function of water is to regulate the temperature and carry waste from the body. All water however is not created equal.

Distilled water is the purest of cleansing waters for your body's return to health and wellbeing. Drinking distilled water acts as a solvent and assists the body to dissolve inorganic matter lodged in the tissues. An added benefit is that distilled water tastes great. There is no underlying taste of chlorine, just 100% pure water which will guide you on the path to optimum wellness.

Contact June now to make your reservation at the JM Wellbeing – Healing Spa. Health IS Wealth!