Hawkes Bay Iridology New Zealand Iridologist in Napier near Hastings

Every part of your body relates to a section of the Iris. Many people feel unwell and the eyes are your body's road map to health and wellness. New Zealand Iridologist, June Mayhead uses Iridology at the JM Wellbeing Napier Day Clinic as a painless process which can pinpoint imbalances simply by viewing the iris through a magnifier.

Dr Ignatz von Peczely of Hungary discovered Iridology quite by accident as a boy of 10 years of age. He found that the iris is a true blue print of your body and, when viewed by the trained eye, many early signs of organ degeneration are identified.

Wellness and naturopathic practitioner, June Mayhead, has used the Iridologist tool to help many people to wellness over the years.

It would be a privilege to help you. Contact June now.

All guests of the JM Wellbeing Healing Spa receive Iridology and iris examination upon arrival and before departure to assess progress with your health and wellness.