Weight loss, diet and nutrition must go hand in hand for health and wellness. A visit to the JM Wellbeing Day clinic will bring you weight loss, diet and nutrition as the all-round package it should be.

An obsession with weight loss alone is not the answer.

Everyone's metabolism is different and your weight loss, or how much weight you will lose is dependent on several key indicators. With this in mind, your weight loss programme is designed specifically for you and your body metabolism. June, qualified Napier Naturopathic Doctor, will identify during your visit to the JM Wellbeing Day Clinic which of those key indicators will trigger and keep active your body's fat burning processes.

Regular monitoring is essential for your fat burning processes to continue working and progressively whittle that fat away.

Contact June at the Napier JM Wellbeing Day Clinic for an appointment to discuss your weight loss, diet and nutrition needs.