New Zealand Health Spa, New Zealand Naturopathic Doctor

Visit JM Wellbeing, Napier Naturopathic Doctor, for June Mayhead's New Zealand Health Spa and Day Clinic. Get well with a qualified, experienced naturopathic healer.

June's lengthy experience guiding people onto the path of better health and wellness spans 20 years. June is a graduate of Queensland Institute of Natural Science, Australia. She will assess your health and maximise your wellness during your stay at the New Zealand Health Spa - JM Wellbeing Centre, Napier - where the sun shines nine months of the year.

Upon arrival at the centre your health will be assessed. Your Vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and any early organ deterioration will be determined. After thorough assessment of your results you will be guided onto a unique to you wellness for life programme. You will leave the centre knowing your life health plan for the future, your own health strengths and weaknesses plus the confidence and knowledge to maintain your ongoing wellbeing. Contact June now to get well for life.